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Core Principles

From the individual to the community and from the community to the whole country.

Education is an essential right of every human being, independently of their age and condition. It makes us free, it dignifies us.
We know that improving individual capacities, improves integration to social life, and promotes the community development.
We work for the construction of a fairer, more equitable society, in which each person may have the possibility to choose.

Efficiency in the management of all processes.

We have an informatics system management, monitoring and oversight processes of all our venues along our country, with our education partners from each community in an interactive way.
AS ISO 9001 certified we guarantee quality and efficiency in all our processes, procedures and funding.

We first get acquainted with what is needed

Our programmes are directed to the communities with the least opportunities, hand in hand with education as a means to progress.
We offer formation based on a profound respect for their reality, culture and dignity, seeking personal and institutional development that will give sustainability to the whole community.
We even work with difficulties such as those present in the vast territory of Argentina, where isolation is one of the main causes of social disintegration.

Commitment and responsibility

It is through permanent dialogue that we fulfil our social commitment to every social sector.
We integrate communities with the cultural respect they deserve, to achieve educational excellence as a whole, aspiring to reach the highest quality standards in our programmes.
We work responsibly because we know that education is our main ally to help each individual get rid of their vulnerability.

Fundación Educando

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